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Giftsforgood - The Humanity Ring creators trade trash pickup for email addresses

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Amy & Dany, The Humanity Ring creators pick up trash for emails - #giftsforgood

The Humanity Ring was born to be one of those #giftsforgood and all proceeds go to worthy causes, but now we have a new challenge...for you. Asking someone to join a mailing list is becoming an increasingly more difficult ask as we are all so bombarded with digital information these days. So in brainstorming what we would offer in exchange for each new email we wanted something truly inspiring and incentivizing. Our conclusion is that we can easily pick up one bag of trash for each new subscriber that we get, as our thank you to both you the new subscriber, and to our home the Earth.

Mexico has a serious trash problem, and we mean serious. Everywhere you turn- on the side of the highways, in the neighborhoods, even way up in the mountains, you see so.much.trash. Mostly plastic bottles and junk food wrappers, but sometimes whole loads of garbage that people just dump rather than pay the 5 pesos (about .25$US) for trash pickup. It is even quite possible where these people live the trash pickup never comes.

Amy pickup up trash - #giftsforgood

As a Californian and a Swiss team living in the Mexican countryside for a combined total of more than 50 years, this is something that bothers us immensely. We are hikers, explorers, mountain climbers and trailblazers, and it breaks our heart deeply to see so much trash everywhere we go. Imagine hiking for several hours, arriving at gorgeous look out spot over the valley, only to be met with the sight of a mountain of Coca-Cola bottles when you look over the edge into the gorge. Or to come across a stream choked with plastic detritus and grey foam. This has happened more times to us over the years than we care to remember. So, we came up with this plan extending The Humanity Ring's presence in #giftsforgood.

We have said for some time now that if we ever become millionaires we are going to find a solution to this problem- through education and better trash service, as well as a nationwide campaign to simply pick up all the trash around us. Personally, I was of the generation when America realized we had a massive trash problem and all throughout my junior high school we went out as part of science class, social studies class, and sometimes even after school programs and WE CLEANED UP OUR TOWN. A tiny army of preteens, reclaiming their environment.

Well, we have yet to become millionaires, but we have decided the time to act is now. To be a good example of #giftsforgood, we cannot wait any longer for someone else to make the changes we wish to see in the world. The Humanity Ring is all about many small people doing many small things that can alter the face of the world. We have decided to take action on as many small levels as we can, using our time, effort and resources available.

Trash picked up from one collection run - #giftsforgood

Right outside our door there are endless possibilities for trash pick up, so we will start there. Many neighbors have expressed interested in helping us, so who knows, perhaps we will build a community effort here, just like us little teenagers, way back when. We thank you for your interest in our #giftsforgood product and projects, and for your help in making the world the place it holds so much potential to be.

May all beings be free, may the earth know peace.

Amy & Dany


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