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Humanity Ring proceeds bring food, hope and art supplies to needy near San Miguel de Allende

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Recently, using money raised from The Humanity Ring’s Mother Day Sale, we had the opportunity to bring relief to people who could really use some help surviving this COVID pandemic. We provided ‘dispensas’- a food box of a week’s worth of staples- as well as cat and dog food for their animals. We had clothes and art supplies for the children, and brought several musical ball necklaces as a special treat for the women and girls. Without a doubt the biggest reward for us were the shy smiles that came with these gifts.

Truly it is incredible to grasp that this level of poverty exists right here in our home town of San Miguel de Allende, a town so filled with mansions and wealth.

In a forgotten and overlooked wind-swept part of town, blowing with a dust that stings your skin, and dotted with far more garbage than vegetation, lies Loma Blanca. It was here, in this forlorn landscape, that we were reminded grace and gratitude can reside anywhere, regardless of economics. And the people we met showed us an amazing resilience with their endless faith and spirit for life.

There was the older women living in a house made out of blankets. We found her waiting for us, with a huge smile on her face. When we asked what she needed, her answer was ‘Nothing! Look at me, I have everything I need.’ So we gave her a blanket and some eggs. Perhaps she will build an addition on her home, perhaps she will be a little bit warmer when she sleeps, but one thing is certain- she will live in our hearts forever.

We met a woman with the extremely handicapped daughter who has never gotten out of bed- she has and will spend her entire life dependent on her mother. She is not able to talk or move on her own at all. Imagine this mother, caring for daughter on her own for over 20 years now, she can’t leave her for even a moment. Of course now with the pandemic no one in the household has work, so they really needed this help.

Another older women’s house had burnt down just a few days prior, taking all her animals and her beautiful garden of fruit trees with it. Thanks to her neighbors she has a place to stay until her home is cleaned up. We are not sure how much a dispensa will help her rebuild her home, but at least she has something to eat for a week. It was devastating to see her heart so broken.

People in this community have many children and pets. It saddened us deeply to look into kids eyes and see the hunger, and to learn of mothers fasting so there would be more food for the children. How many of us have ever had to make this decision? Trust us, there are many more stories like this. Being able to give directly into the hands of people in dire need was truly impactful for us. There are still MANY more families we could have helped and we look forward to donating money from The Humanity Ring again in the future.

We want to thank Liah Alonso who started this movement. As long she receives donations she will be able to keep doing this. In case you would like to help out more, just remember, a little can go a long way here in Mexico, and with ten dollars you can feed one family for one week.

Donate here:Venmo @liahalonso


Please be sure to specify NEIGHBORS IN NEED

In light of the current, mind-blowing situation in the United States, the proceeds from The Humanity Ring’s Father’s Day Sale will be going to Black Lives Matter but we look forward to partnering with Liah and Neighbor’s In Need very soon. There is so much good we can do right in our own backyards.

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‘Many small people, doing many small things, in many small places that alter the face of the world’

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