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Sterling Silver Spinning Ring is Inspiration for Global Compassion and Connectivity

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The Origin

With over 50 years of combined experience as jewelry designers, Amy Torello and Daniel Wittwer are a Swiss-American couple based in Mexico. As co-creators of the sterling silver spinning ring called The Humanity Ring, they’re often asked about the story behind the creation and inspiration for one of the most unique spinner rings. 

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The Humanity Ring

What most people don’t expect to hear is that it stems from a moment of challenge and conflict. 

It was 2018, and Amy was working on a commissioned special order wedding ring for a client. Her proposed design featured the shape of a country’s border to separate two metals. Unfortunately, the client rejected the concept and the project fell through. 

Despite feeling disappointed, Amy decided to move past her frustration, challenging herself to take the original concept and turn it into her own jewelry line. At that point, she was already in the process of seeking a project that would satisfy her life's desire to give back and looking to provide gifts with a cause, and this seed of an idea had potential to explore. 

In particular, Amy knew that the concept of “borders” and refugees was a cause that she cared about and wanted to act on. As she brainstormed how to honor various countries by combining them in a ring, examples such as Palestine and Israel and the Syrian refugee crisis surfaced in her mind, and the idea for The Humanity Ring came to her in one fell swoop.

At this point, Amy knew she was on to something, but she still had a seed of doubt in her mind about whether it was a good idea. She thought she had found one of the bests gifts with a cause, but she wondered if it was even worth running the sterling silver spinning ring idea by Daniel. 

The moment she shared her idea with Daniel, he was on board--throwing his hands in the air in excitement. No further confirmation was needed--they knew they had to bring The Humanity Ring to life and that they could make it one of those gifts that give back. 

The Humanity Ring is one of those gifts that give back.

The Design

In the end, the geographical border concept was only half of the equation when it came to the final ring design. 

Previously, Amy and Daniel had also designed a commissioned wedding ring for friends that featured the spinning prayer wheel design, as well as special engraved notes on each ring. 

They were inspired to utilize a similar design for The Humanity Ring, creating a mini prayer wheel that featured an engraved love message--May All Beings be Free, May the Earth Know Peace--to the world. 

With the finalized design in mind, Amy drew the spinner ring concept and Daniel prototyped and engineered it--bringing it into the three-dimensional world. 

The Cause

From the start, Amy and Daniel knew that the ring would ultimately serve as a vehicle to raise funds for social change. From Syria to Central America, our daily headlines serve as a constant reminder of the grim challenges faced by migrants, refugees, and others affected by conflict. 

When it came to deciding which borders and countries to feature, they decided on Afghanistan, Syria, and Honduras. Not only did the borders line up well design-wise, but they were regions Amy and Daniel felt passionate about supporting. 

Honduras in particular hit close to home for the Mexico-based couple. The idea for the Humanity Ring was born right as the Central American migrant caravan came to light. In many ways, Honduras was a representative for all Central American migrants and the resulting tension at the US-Mexico border. 

Through extensive research, Amy and Daniel identified effective organizations to be beneficiaries of the funds raised by The Humanity Ring. 

One of the key organizations they chose to support is the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Founded in part by Albert Einstein, a German-born refugee himself, the IRC is a well-respected organization that responds to some of the world's worst crises, delivering aid that saves lives while paving the way for long-term recovery.

From design features to the strategic support of these organizations working on the front lines in conflict zones around the world, Amy and Daniel have worked hard to perfect the vision and mission behind The Humanity Ring. 

Inspired to join them in the global movement to cultivate more generosity, intention, and connection? 

With proceeds benefiting these important efforts, Amy and Daniel invite you to consider purchasing The Humanity Ring, whether it be for yourself or as a gift for loved ones.

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