The Humanity Ring Plants Trees

The Humanity Ring Plants Trees

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We are registered as a Swiss Company so the taxes we pay will not fund wars the world over.  Therefore, we must charge in Swiss Francs (CHF).  The Swiss Franc holds very close to a 1:1 exchange rate, so you will be paying roughly 62 USD for your ring.  


Cast and hand finished between San Miguel de Allende and Taxco, Mexico, these rings are made of recycled sterling silver.  Not only will we give 100% of profits earned back into the global good through humanitarian, anti-traficking initiatives at the US/ Mexico border, but we are also committed to generating work in troubled, conflict regions of Mexico.  


The Humanity Ring is a tiny, sacred object on your hand, wear one everywhere and channel your energies whenever needed. Buy one for everyone you love and feel the connection between you each time you look down at your hand.  Remember- together we can and DO create the world in which we want to live in.  


    Consult this printable ring sizing sheet we have uploaded to googe drive.  We do not accept returns so please be sure to have your accurate ring size. WHOLE SIZES ONLY (5, 6, 7, etc).


    Try not to drop your ring.  Try not to get small particles like sand or dirt inside the ring, or soap if you can avoid it.   If this does manage to happen, please keep spinning your ring until it loosens up again.  This may take a few moments up to a few days but it will come back.  It is not a problem if you get your ring wet,  but it may slow down the spin factor until it dries out, which it will.    


    Unfortunately we cannot take returns on any product so please be 100% sure of your ring size.  Refer to our ring sizing sheet OR go into a local jeweler and have you finger sized.  WHOLE SIZES ONLY.

    Also- open yourself up to the idea of wearing on a different finger.  Both the index and pinky fingers are excellent options and allow for easy ring spinning.